Presentation and evaluation of decision-relevant data for effective corporate management

With qprem, building management becomes digital. Machine learning makes qprem a self-optimizing system, so that meaningful success analyses can be induced. The global software solution enables simple monitoring, control and evaluation of process flows on the basis of the data.

With its high connectivity and digital collection of analysis data, qprem supports the digital transformation of buildings into smart buildings. qprem's dashboard can be freely configured to focus on different information depending on the application area. The collected data is stored and can be staked out and exported based on timelines over years. This allows relevant key figures to be displayed and optimization potential to be identified. Managing and analyzing the data as a continuous process is an important component for developing optimized solutions within companies.

analytics board

Advantages at a glance

Maintenance & claims management

Optimization of maintenance and modernization measures by means of controlling and innovative, forward-looking claims management, through the evaluation of defect reports

Personnel & cleaning management

cleaning optimization and mobile and flexible control of personnel

Optimization of utilization

Optimization of parking space utilization based on evaluations of peaks and low utilization of parking facilities

Reporting of breakdowns & accidents

Risk minimization through reporting of accidents at work and at home

Future-oriented optimization

Identification of optimization potential for future-proof further development of real estate

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