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Office Management

Using the qprem app, lockers can be opened and rooms can be reserved and booked.

Smart Metering

Softwaregestütze Messung, Ermittlung und Steuerung von Energieverbräuchen und deren Zufuhr. Die intelligente Auswertung bezogener Daten dient als Handlungsempfehlung für die Ressourcenschonung.

Smart Lighting

Based on sensor technology, lighting conditions in every room can be dynamically adapted to requirements. Lighting requirements, luminous intensity and lighting atmosphere are used optimally and in an energy-saving manner.


By using renewable energies, costs can be saved and the environment protected by reducing the use of resources.

Parking management

The app checks and controls the utilization of parking spaces, allowing parking spaces to be used optimally due to multiple occupancy.

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Terrain navigation

The route guidance does not only navigate car drivers to the nearest parking space of the destination. Rather, truck drivers are navigated to available loading gates and, in case of high fluctuation, to corresponding waiting zones. Points of Interests serve as an orientation aid.

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Evacuation assistance & emergency call

In case of personal injury, property damage, fire or other emergencies, the emergency call button can be pressed. The app can thus be used as an evacuation aid.

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Access control

The access system includes the reading, assignment and booking of access authorizations based on personal and role-related data. These are verified via camera license plate recognition upon approach.

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E-charging stations

Electric charging stations can be integrated flexibly. Charging processes can be individually controlled and billed via the app. The dashboard ensures an overall view of status, charging performance, error reports, etc.

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Loading dock management

Truck drivers are assigned available loading docks and parking spaces via the app. Capacities can be planned and communicated synchronously.

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Access control

Based on the stored data, revolving and closing doors, barriers and gates can be opened via smartphone.

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Building navigation

The route guidance navigates via pedestrian paths across the site, to the floor of the respective building and up to the entrance door.

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In order to organize everyday operations efficiently and simply, qprem relies on the networking of various systems and devices, resulting in individual solutions for the „Internet of Things“. By bringing together people, buildings, and connected technologies and systems, a digital ecosystem is formed that enables holistic digital operations.

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